About us

Cameroonian based fashion collection store in Buea, SW Region, with a 6 years’ experience of interacting with people of all walks of life. We are open to clients all around the world

Career Statement

I am a gold driven business oriented lady with a degree in Geology and a certificate in fashion designing. I have been a fashion shop manager at Reference shopping in Buea, SWR Cameroon. The shop started with just about $12,000 and within 3 years, it grew to about $54,000 in profit. Thought myself how to produce cold press coconut oil and today, Ca-Nat Coconut Oil is one of the main products of SENE FOOD’s I have worked as Logistic Manager at HRF from April 2019 to January 2020.

Philosophy Statement

Fashion for me, is a statement “My Fashion, My Statement”. For me as a designer, I am creating fashion to make a statement, thus using fashion to pass a believe that I have of the society that when I put my pieces together, I see as it’s, putting society together, putting families together. Even in the same family, people are different and have different opinions and understanding on things. So, when I create fashion, I see it as creating a society, every unit is different and we can put all together to create beautiful timeless pieces of all sizes. Just like God created the world, fashion designers are creators. And my brand will be in a way that works on changing the world, because a client’s outfit tells a story, through the wearer and to the people they meet. Thus, making people more tolerant and bringing people of all walks of life together to create a more beautiful world. I believe in high quality finishing, as this is a skill that most local tailors in my country are not trained in the field. I want to infuse African fabrics and traditional ways of making clothing designs with the Western and Eastern fabrics and ways of designing, so in this way, Fashion can pave a culture that shows a sign of love, unity and support for one another no matter the race, colour or culture. Last but not the least, I love wearing nice clothes and it’s a true site of joy seeing people look their best in what they are wearing.

About Catharina Natang

She’s a BSc holder in Geology from the University Buea, SWR Cameroon Has been a fashion shop manager at Reference Fashion Shop Buea with 6 years experience of interacting with people of all walks of life. A skilled and adaptable person who taught herself how to produce cold press coconut oil, and today, Ca-Nat Coconut Oil is one of the main products produced by SENE FOOD. She’s a very passionate and talented fashion designer, who started teaching herself how to design as her family refused to sponsor her. She later went to a local designer to learn how to design but it wasn’t just enough, so after a few months, she traveled to Ghana to enroll in a fashion school (Joyce Ababio College Of Creative Design Institute Africa). Looking to becoming a very good fashion designer and also impacting the knowledge she has learned to others interested in doing better in the fashion industry in her country.